On the Way: the Gracie Barra Knoxville Blog

Welcome to On the Way, the Gracie Barra Knoxville blog intended to educate, encourage, and entertain students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  The Gracie Barra school in Knoxville is well known in the martial arts community for its commitment to teaching high level Brazilian jiu-jitsu, self-defense and mixed martial arts. At our school, you will receive hands on attention from our world class instructors who will monitor your progress in a clean, safe, and family-friendly environment.

Our instructors have trained under Professor Vinicius Draculino Magalhaes, at the original Gracie Barra BH Academy, located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Under Master Carlos’ and Professor Vinicius Draculino’s tutelage, the GB Knoxville instructors extensive knowledge of the “gentle art” was formed on the same mats as same of the best BJJ instructors and fighters ever known. Now some of them are based in Knoxville and Oak Ridge teaching Monday to Saturday at the Gracie Barra Tennesee academy.

Reasons to be part of the premier school in Tennessee

1. Train with Samuel Braga.

Professor Braga is a 6 time world champion and 2nd degree black belt, and personally teaches every class. No other instructor in the area can take your game to the level that he can.

2. Gracie Barra Knoxville offers 18 classes a week the best price for a world level instruction.

I was sure that training with Professor Braga would be too expensive for me, but his rates are absurdly affordable. Gracie Barra Knoxville wants to give everyone an opportunity to experience the benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

3. Gracie barra curriculum deftly address all students, from self-defense to weight loss to competition

Gracie Barra Knoxville focuses on a holistic approach to jiu-jitsu, teaching self-defense, takedowns, ground work, and mixes it all together with live training that is sure to meet every students goal.

4. No registration fee.

Again, Professor Braga does not want money to be the reason that you do not experience jiu-jitsu.

5. Be part of the worlds largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu organization

Gracie Barra is a world renowned jiu-jitsu team with facilities and elite grapplers all over the planet.

So come train with us! I promise you will see improvement in your game and in your life.


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