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Climb the Ladder

Fighting is chaotic.  There are so many variables to consider that, on some level, the very idea of using a system in combat is a bit unrealistic.  How can a system help me from being mugged?  How can a system … Continue reading


I Have a Black Belt in Facebook Stalking

The promise of a black belt has pushed martial artists toward excellence for close to a century.  We all aspire to have our hard work and dedication recognized by our peers and teachers, transitioning to a new level of martial … Continue reading


What’s the Deal with the Belts: Part 2

Anyone familiar with most martial arts will immediately notice key differences in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt system.  First, there are only 5 belts (white, blue, purple, brown, and black).  For perspective, the style of Taekwondo I started in had about … Continue reading