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GBKNOX wins Naga Charlotte

Laban Propst competed this weekend at NAGA Charlotte displaying great technical level submitting his opponent in only 20 seconds , Congratulations LABAN representing GBKNOX.


Even Bruce Willis knows fights end up on the ground

source: GracieMag Ask a Gracie why Jiu-Jitsu is the most effective set of self-defense techniques in existence. The answer will invariably include: “Well, 90% of all fights end with two people rolling on the ground, whether they want to or … Continue reading


Anthony Bourdain’s wife trainings Gracie Jiu jitsu in Rio Brazil

  The world famous chef and TV show host, Anthony Bourdain, was in Rio de Janeiro for one of the episodes of his No Reservations “Final Tour” season. After the traditional coconut water, walks on the beach, some “feijoada” and … Continue reading


Gracie Diet to enhance your performance on Gracie Jiu jitsu Knoxville

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Font source Gracie diet.      The Diet is flexible enough that, even if you are at a 7-Eleven in the middle of nowhere, you can still improvise. Here are some suggestions: First– look for any fresh fruit and use … Continue reading


GBKNOX wins gold at World championship masters and seniors

Congratulations to Mike Westcott did a great job this weekend at World Championship Master division. Mike won gold on Purple Light Feather seniors.


Gracie Barra Knoxville is getting ready for our next BJJ competition

Gracie Barra Knoxville is getting ready for our next competition Professor Braga is getting our team ready for the next competiton in November if you want be part of the best team in Knoxville Tn join us for our training … Continue reading