Jiu Jitsu Knoxville, Gracie Barra wins more titles

GB Wins 2 More Titles GB is the Team with the Most Titles in 2013

This was another great weekend for Gracie Barra at the podium. Under Master Carlos Gracie Jr, GB won two more major titles and both were significant victories in Rio de Janeiro.

. International Masters & Seniors Jiu-Jitsu Championship Gracie Barra 1st Place
. Rio Open Championship Gracie Barra 2nd Place

GB Team

Part of the Gracie Barra team celebrating titles won this weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

We want to congratulate all of our warriors, who won and who lost. It was a great effort. We once again yielded great results in a great and positive competition. This is a sign that our schools across the country have done an excellent job and the answer comes in moments like this. Strength, Focus, Faith and Union are the words that really describe what our team is like together in the four day championship. CONGRATULATIONS GRACIE BARRA FAMILY, another mission accomplished! Osss- Professor Jefferson Moura

I feel great joy and great satisfaction to see these results! It’s great to see the effort of all teachers and know that we all wear the same shirt and we share a common goal! Here’s my thanks to all competitors, teachers and family who helped GRACIE BARRA win these titles! – Professor Zé Radiola

The next appointment for our competition team, which continues to establish itself as the Jiu-Jitsu team with the most titles won in 2013, is the Toronto International Open Championship. The competition will be held in the city of Toronto in Canada on August 3rd.

Gracie Barra Competition Team

GB Athlete defending the red shield and celebrating the victory with their teammates.

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