Jiu Jitsu Knoxville, Competition, Fun and the Gracie Barra Family!

Understand Competing

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Competition, Fun and the Gracie Barra Family!

Competitions brings out the best in everyone the same way that it has brought out the best from history’s champions. In sports, and in life, competition is healthy. As it brings out the best in everyone else! Gracie Barra CompNent is just around the corner. And regularly held CompNet Competitions will surely be better than the previous one.

As Gracie Barra puts more support, structure and improvement to each CompNet event, the more each student and Jiu-Jitsu disciple will benefit from it.


GB chicago open Understanding Competition

While most will ask, why do I need to compete Or why there is a need for individuals to test their skills in front of a crowd which can create in two possibilities: winning and losing. Others will simply ponder why they even need to test their Jiu-Jitsu. Or why there is a need to prove that you can be better than everyone else.

Being better than your opponent is not what competing is all about. While rivalries are created in the spirit of the sport, and fan-dom sources out debates that creates the who-is-better-argument, competition, as I believe will always be a test. A test that defines if one can defeat their greatest opponent; the self.

The self the oneself theme and the I is your greatest opponent as it will always be, by default, better than you are. Yourself, if not tested in competition remains static.


Competition Feeds Our Desires

The desire to win is a strong one. Nobody enjoys losing, but in Gracie Barra, losing is as fine as winning. There is always a take away from losing in a competition. In Gracie Barra, we all learn. Nobody goes home sore from a loss. Everybody wins in a competition. By way of getting something out of it. Nobody goes home empty handed.


0433Competing Pushes You

We live in a world where choices has virtually made the cessation of the little push possible. We do not push ourselves far enough. We end up being mediocre. A little drawback depresses us. Jiu-Jitsu changes that by ways unimaginable. A push, and a little prod is always seen in training sessions. You are pushed to become the better you because you are training the body. The body can also change the mind. When you push the body, the mind gets a bit of exercise too!


Competing is Fun!

Nothing is better than the excitement towards the competition. Nothing beats waking up 5 hours before the event and preparing. The moment of psyching yourself up, putting on your psyched mix and waiting for your turn. Nothing is better than putting on your gi, feeling that mat under your feet. Nothing beats bowing to your opponent, shaking his hands and pulling that very first take down!


For those thinking of competing, there is no harm in doing so. Gracie Barra puts up these events for the most important members of our family. You! See you in the CompNet!

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