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21 Days to Better Jiu-Jitsu Habits: The Winner in You

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.


The Winner is You

We are all born winners. All are naturally capable to win. The moment that we were conceived we are winners.

While we all are winners, life usually puts the pressure on us by giving us lemons. This is true. The need to win and the need to be on top has skewed our perception of what real winning is. And the best way to be a winner to have the right attitude towards winning.

Competition brings about winners. While the rest of the world always forgets who lost, in Gracie Barra, we say that there is no such thing as losing, only learning. To win is be revered as the one on top. And the feeling usually lasts just a couple of days. However, to believe that, despite any event, regardless of avenue, you are a winner, is priceless. The attitude goes a long way. As we like to always say, inside and outside the mat.


Let’s first understand how we can feel that we can always win. It all starts with a paradigm shift. Or the belief how we believe the structure of winning is all about.

We always perceive the structure of winning as two opposite results of a competition. The winner and the loser. The winner which stands tall against his conquers, and the loser as the person who is left in teh background. This structure is a embedded in today’s concept of what a winner is.

The Winning attitude is similar to happiness. But not entirely similar. The characteristics of happiness is all in the mind. It’s a state of mind. Therefore how we perceive ourselves, regardless of the situation is how we become happy. And winning is also the same. As neuro-scientists have proven that our brain adapts to different forms of happiness. Where our minds constantly adapts to become happy. Happiness is in us and so as the winning attitude

First, we must train our brains how to feel like a winner. One of the simplest ways to start feeling like one is to change our perception on how winning or the act, can happen. Here’s one of the full proof things that I was able to come up through the years to feel like one

positive mood

Challenge yourself every day when we challenge ourselves, we set goals. Achieving those goals, however small makes us winners

Keep a positive outlook in life Yes. Life is already hard. But why make it harder by seeing it that way.

Keep a journal of winning Writing things down helps you become aware of your own achievements. Writing is an action of doing. Our brains and bodies, when writing agree on an act. The belief becomes greater.

Push yourself more in the mats Jiu-Jitsu is life and life is like jiu-jitsu. If you don’t push further, you won’t get anywhere there quicker. Make small achievements in the mats big ones.

Learn something new everyday and apply it self explanatory, right? 🙂

We are all winners. by deciding to get into Jiu-Jitsu is already a winning choice. The choice, the thinking, the feeling, and the act of winning is all about attitude. It’s a habit. Let’s all win!

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone.

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