Jiu Jitsu Knoxville Tn, No pain no gain!

Taking Care of your Mind is Jiu Jitsu When pain is part of the road to victory.

November 9, 2013

Go out there! Fight ! You have nothing to worry about and you will be successful .

In the world of combat warriors go hand in hand with injuries . This relationship is the result of the pursuit of victory which consists of physical preparation , daunting exercises and inner peace . Only those who fight know just how bad it is to suffer an injury before a competition. When this happens, what outsiders call stubbornness, we – the warriors at GB call persistence or in other words: clawing your way to victory.

taking care

It was precisely how our admired athlete Luzia Fernandes won her fourth title in the Rio International Open 2013 ( IBJJF ) . Despite being a champion once again , this victory tasted much more different . The adrenaline of the competition could be felt days before the fight in another league and sport : judo a sport in which Lucia is also a black belt . During a series of struggles in São Paulo , in the days that preceded the Rio Open , the representative of the women’s team at Gracie Barra , suffered a serious ankle injury .

Despite the pain and the decision not to compete , the hospital was not her next destination . Luka , as she’s affectionately called by friends , continued her journey to the wonderful city .I took a flight to Rio on Saturday going from the airport straight to the gym, determine that I wouldn’t fight. I was in an orthopedic boot and did not want to force my ankle , which was injured as well . That night , after arriving home , I talked a lot with my dad and my doctor Dr.Benedito about the risks of fighting . The response from my father was:Go out there! Fight ! You have nothing to worry about and you will be successful .


The words came from Master Francis Fernandes , Chicão Cuiabá , Lucia’s father and echoed deep within the athlete – enough for her to change her decision. My doctor took the boot off and on Sunday I went to the gym. It hurt a lot, I was barely able to walk with an orthopedic boot , and without it was much worse . But by the time my class was called , my father told me to fight. I have to confess I was angry with him , because I was in pain , but I went anyway.

If you can breathe , think , see and stand up , hold onto the kimono, go ahead and don’t give up.

The people who filled the benches in Tijuca Tennis Club , upon seeing that woman with an orthopedic boot on the edge of the mat , wondered: Is she really going to fight ?. It was ten long exciting minutes with the expression of pain on Luzia’s face. When I took the boot and stepped on the mat , I felt excruciating pain ( even with a protective ankle bandage) . Unable to stand or walk on two feet in many moments during the fight I bit the kimono in pain . But thank God everything worked out . I left in even more pain, but I kept my title. said the third -degree black belt . At 27 years of age , the 3 degrees of Luzia , not only show the time of her graduation, but also the experience of a true warrior . All this experience , especially this 4th conquest of the Rio Open , is shared with students in the following words: If you can breathe , think , see and stand up (even on one foot ) , manage to hold onto the kimono ( even with only one hand ) , go ahead and don’t give up . If you win the fight , you’ll get a different taste, which is more than special . If you lose , you will feel able to overcome many things and leave proud of yourself. But you must be aware of the severity of the injury before proceeding.

But how to not let oneself be overwhelmed by the pain and remain focused ? We at Gracie Barra Brazil give you 3 tips to overcome the feeling of weakness and become a champion .


1 –You first need to understand your injury : As our champion said: We must be aware of the severity of the injury. If it was something very serious , first take the time to recover. You don’t want to further hurt what is already injured as it will take longer to recover, resulting in more time away from the mats. Remember the advice of the father of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , Grand Master Carlos Gracie: Pain and exhaustion are fleeting . Honor and glory are eternal.

2 Keep the focus and move on : We are often caught off guard by an injury during preparation for a competition . Do not let this distract you , keep strong mentally , acknowledging that obstacles are part of the road to victory .

3 Remain positive : As Master Carlos Gracie Jr says, Wins the person capable of more positive mental strength , and not the strongest physically. The one who uses negative mental strength fails . The cooperation between the mind and Jiu-Jitsu transforms weak men into super beings.

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