Jiu jitsu Knoxville TN, The power of conscious training

GB Blog: The Power of Conscious Training

December 5, 2013

We all train, drill and grapple. Some have it easy; being able to get it as soon as the jiu-jitsu instructor shows you the move. And have you ever wondered why there are some students who quickly is able to execute with mastery.


I have been pondering on this question for a couple of days, and then I came across the word: training consciously. And whenever we do, our brain undergoes changes and rewires itself.

Or in our case, conscious training.

Join me in doing some sort of self-audit

1. How much of the training session do you remember?

2. What do you remember from the training?

3. Do you remember visually how the technique should be executed?

1238044_576604532385279_81529612_nWe live in a world where everything is being fed to us. So we become passive. Physical training actually fixes this by allowing the active, and conscious part of our mind to work. To become active. This is what I always tell young people who is just getting in Jiu-Jitsu, that we must make each training session count.

Our bodies develop the muscle memory when we execute drills. However consciousness in physical training develops a higher level of cognition and appreciation of the techniques

Here are some awesome tips you could use to be more conscious in training

1. Listen and Empathize – Listening is a conscious process. Hearing is a physical process. Empathy is understanding the person and what he is feeling. In the same way, understanding how passionate your professor and instructor about your growth

2. Take down notes – When we write something down, we make a conscious act

of recalling. We dig deep into the events. you will be surprised on how much information you were able to absorb. Keep it, turn it into a journal.

Here’s another tip: it would be a good memoir in case you reach black belt

3. Leave your worries – leaving the outside world for a good 2 hours will do great. Trust me, the world will not change much in two hours. Leave your worries before putting on that BJJ uniform. Focus and leave your worries. The Gracie Barra dojo is your haven.

When we are conscious about what we do, we grow. And we all want to grow in our chosen art. Being in the moment during training will make us succeed. Lessons learned in Gracie Barra is not only for the world of jiu-jitsu but also for our day to day activities.

See you on the mats.

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