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Taking care of your Mind is Jiu Jitsu : Continuity is Necessary

December 8, 2013

It doesn’t matter how many steps you take back but how many you’ll take forward . Chinese Proverb

taking care
Countless times we are forced to endeavor great losses or disappointment in life. Sometimes we’re simply not at our best and the feeling of helplessness and failure can overwhelm us. In an attempt to put these feelings behind us we often give up on everything and chose to lose instead of stick it out through the difficulties.

Thiago Pereira, a brown belt from GB Rio has experienced such moments like the ones mentioned above. 3 months after the end of a relationship for 6 years, he had to face another trial the death of his father. Dealing with the pain and hardship even his training sessions stopped being an escape. He started seeking comfort in alcohol night after night and soon afterwards developed a drinking problem.

bombril-2His drinking problem did no unnoticed by his training buddies and the rest of the people that cared for him. The will of his teammates in helping him overcome his feeling of loss and also a possible alcohol dependence, saved the brown belt just in time. Knowing that a friend is going through a difficult phase and not knowing how to aid them feels like being handcuffed. So were the teammates of Thiago, as they affectionately called him, but this did not discourage them from trying .

Through persistence, a feature of great warriors, Thiago gradually returned to his second home I decided to come talk to João Ricardo Mendes at the gym and discuss re-joining the academy. At first it was just to pass some time. Over the days I started chatting with my fellow training buddies and before you know it the desire to put on the kimono one more time overwhelmed me,” he said.

Gradually returning to his workouts shaped the life of this warrior with the feelings of stress and loss becoming less acute and his dependence on alcohol disappearing. Thiago was re-born through training! The weight he had gained was lost thanks to daily workouts and races and several marathons he participated in I spent a year training and advancing quite yet. Until I realized it was time to change. I started training more seriously and concentrating on reducing my weight. I went from 91 to 71 pounds. said Pereira

Bombril_3The changes did not stop there. Looking back on the life lessons he received, Thiago decided to reconsider his position in the academy. Without realizing it he had become an avid follower of the GB lifestyle. Thiago took part in several public events but quickly realized that he felt more comfortable out of the spotlight. He soon discovered a newfound love for the gentle art, through an opportunity provided by his instructor Jefferson Moura; This year my teacher gave me the opportunity to teach. I spent some time teaching in GB Tijuca and am currently teaching at GB Reserva.

There are thousands of people going daily through the same difficulties that Thiago Pereira had to face, all these people start by seeking an escape route in the usual places like alcohol and substance abuse. Although life’s adversities are inevitable , there are ways to prepare oneself for facing the difficulties that await us:

1 – Be bigger than your problems: A person’s mind is the main factor in everything that they decide to do. It all depends on the way you perceive your problems.

2 – Don’t give up: When you think of giving up, look back and see all that you’ve accomplished so far. The obstacles that stand in your the way are not there to break you down but to make you stronger.

3 Take your time: Do not give in to shortcuts and temporary exhaust valves, as their effect will also only be temporary, the drawbacks, however, can be for life.

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