JIu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Motivation is the key

Motivation: Blind Fury

January 16, 2014


I cannot believe that I only stumbled upon this video. In this video, the coach was able to push the athlete beyond his limit. And I mean way beyond his limit! Watch the video and see for yourself.

This video got me thinking really hard. After reading this article, I suggest that you shut off your computer, your cellphone, go to your favorite spot, like a park or something and check your motivation. How far do you think your motivation can push you? Is your motivation only limited by the capabilities of others to achieve the same?

Is your potential to reach any end zone strong enough to push your further? Is your CAN DO disposition being limited by your CAN’T DO

Our motivation is our reason for acting the way that we do. Some athletes go as far as turning it to their raison d’etre. Their reason to live, succeeding beyond anyone’s breaking point, and most especially, beyond theirs.

On the flip side, what will demotivate you? Is it the number of people pulling you down, the idea of being submitted everyday, not learning anything new, or having to have joined 20 tournaments and still not winning a medal.

But if you notice, these are all end results. what matters is the improvement that you put in place everyday putting on that worn out Gi and sweating it out. It is the blind rage of someone who just keeps on going who will reach furthest; way past the capabilities of his body.

Your best can be found just a couple of feet away beyond your breaking point.

Jiu-Jitsu for everyone.

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