Jiu Jitsu Knoxville TN, Making a move and your dreams

Making a move and your dreams

February 3, 2014

No matter how difficult it may seem, it is worth every sacrifice.

A common children’s dream is becoming a fireman, policeman, doctor or teacher when you grow up. And the main reason for that is that these professions are as common as they are valuable in our society. When you look up at the stars it makes you think the sky’s the limit and you can achieve almost everything. Overcoming obstacles and undertaking new paths is the road to realizing one’s goal. Everyone has dreams and we all share the same common desire to fulfill them in this lifetime.


All it takes is willpower and strong desire to change the path we’re currently on. It is never about the efforts but the strength of our desire to achieve something. In a world where 24 hours seem hardly enough to complete all of our daily tasks our health and happiness come second. Regardless of our social background, everyone has a dream they’d like to pursue at some point. Osvaldo Neto, a 1st degree black belt at GB, was lucky enough to live his it. But like with any other process to be successful at it, he devoted himself to the fullest and solely focused on the pursuit of his goal.

netao-cmdte-300x300Neto not only dreamed of piloting planes, he wanted to become a full-time pilot, but the way to the cabin was not an easy one. In 1989, while living in Manaus sports were a vital part of the child’s life. He started off with judo and made his way to state, military and national championships, and subsequently started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Twice a week seemed enough at the time but soon that changed. He was becoming more and more hooked on his Jiu-Jitsu training. He spent most of his time on the matts. First in Rio de Janeiro, then in Boa Vista, where he remained until he got his brown belt, he fought in major championships in Brazil ,then word champion and the Pan-American until he met Master Pascoal Duarte .

As a lover of the gentle art the black belt was his ultimate goal and earning his brown one brought him a step closer. Thankfully life always presents us with the opportunity to realize his childhood dream and seize the day. But when he was faced with this life-altering decision he decided not to give up on Jiu-Jitsu.I went in search of what I wanted in life and took jiu-jitsu with me. I left for Sao Jose in Rio Preto to take the course to become a pilot and there I had the opportunity to train with Professor Mauro Santos (Sapão) for 3 years at Gracie Barra Rio Preto.

netao_sapao-300x225A registered pilot, Neto’s routine consisted of all those activities the rank of commander entailed. Unfortunately he was unable to train as regularly as before, although he kept dreaming about that black belt.
Every achievement in life consists of ups and downs. The phase through thick and thin is the next thing I saw get tested. My marriage of 8 years came to an end. At the time I had to go through a lot but felt deep inside that jiu-jitsu was very important for overcoming the difficult times in my life. I had to start all over again. I decided to pursue another dream of mine : to train in GB Matriz in Rio de Janeiro.

The warrior spirit acquired through the gentle art gave Neto the strength to return to Rio, I went back and started all over again. This time with the GB family beside me, day after day on the mat nurtured me back to health, joy and willingness to continue on the path of life. said the black belt. Returning to training regained his motivation to wear the kimono and attend classes, I am away from home for a long time. My work makes me fly back and forth between Rio and São Paulo. My car is in the airport parking at Santos Dumond and my kimono in the trunk. The first thing I do upon landing is run to the gym because I know that even tired Ill be realizing my dream every day I train. I learned that you are able to go through anything if your mind and soul are in balance. This is what jiu-jitsu teaches me every day,said Osvaldo Neto.


It may seem difficult or impossible but for anything you want in life, the initiative must come from yourself. Tiredness can seem a permanent state together with a stressful work and harsh life, but everything passes. So don’t allow your dreams to pass by, chase them and move forward, realizing them. No matter how difficult it may seem, it is worth every sacrifice.


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