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BJJ Moves to Execute

March 7, 2014


Imagine if you can pull off these very very difficult BJJ moves on a tournament. Wouldn’t it be awesome? But practicality speaking, you rarely see these moves executed in BJJ tourneys but if you will, see fireworks shoot up to the sky.

Although I refuse to say that these are impossible moves, these are but moves that gives ends matches in a spectacular fashion

WARNING: the posted moves are just for plain discussion only. Executing these moves are NOT RECOMMENDED


Pace Choke

Popularized by Nick Pace in The Ultimate Fighter, the pace choke is a blood choke / triangle hybrid. It utilizes the leg to secure the position and the forearm to cut the blood flow to the brain.

Pace Choke







The Twister

When the Korean Zombie executed this move, the world was silenced for about a second. This move is what others call as the spine twister. Is it legal? Yes and no. Some leagues allow it. Some do not.

100017KZ Twister

The Gogoplata

Utilizing your shin to choke on your opponent is not that easy. Seriously. I rarely see this in BJJ tourneys. Personally I think executing this from the mount is more practical than the usual where you do it right from the guard. No reason to risk the position for this move. Rather go for an armbar or a triangle set up.









The Flying Omaplata

If executing an Omaplata is tough enough, try doing it in mid-air. Well anything executed in mid air can be tough to pull off. I’ve never seen anyone win by using this move. But then again, it’s just cool to look at.

Flying Omaplata









Tell us what you think is the most difficult submission to execute in our facebook page!

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