JIu Jitsu Knoxville Tn, What does courage do for you

What does courage do for you

March 10, 2014

What does courage mean? Push through fails, get up when life knocks you down and dust yourself up when others continue to roll on the ground? The dictionary gives us one definition: confidence or spiritual strength to overcome difficult situations, perseverance to face moral dilemmas.


A difficult situation in jiu jitsu arises every time we step on the mats for an upcoming competition. Courage to fight in a category that has the most tough and fit guys is something our athletes require. Yes, it all comes down to courage.

jeff_2When a heavy category fighter faces one from a lighter category we often think it’s crazy. In fact, in some cases it can seem as a poorly-thought decision. In the case of Jefferson Moura (36), a black belt 4th degree, responsible for the GB Rio Matriz, many considered his decision as pure madness.

Courage comes from the way you perceive the challenge
Jefferson Moura

Jefferson has truly faced real challenges in his life path. This outstanding warrior and regional leader of Rio de Janeiro, is a two-time world champion, 7-times Brazilian champion and that’s not even counting his many state titles. What makes him so extraordinary is his perseverance. Reaching such a level of excellence would make many believe they can give up competing altogether, but for him this only marks the beginning of his journey. The many achievements only developed his qualities as a teacher turning him into an example for more than 200 students and countless fans all over the world.

What else could Jefferson Moura take on as a challenge? In all honesty-nothing. But the warrior spirit of the black band couldn’t be silences. Which is why during the preparation of the students for the 2014 European ( IBJJF ), Jefferson decided to compete.

jeffAt 36 years with 20 of them passed in training, the family man and teacher wouldn’t stop at nothing to increase his pace of training and enroll in the championship. As he likes to say: Courage comes from the way you perceive challenge.

Surrounded by students and parents Jefferson put on a white kimono the color of calm and tranquility.

He took part in two fights, one ending in victory and one in defeat. The European title did not come, but the example of his courage to enter one of the most competitive categories in the world of the gentle art heavy weight, only increased the admiration of everyone around him.

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