Jiu Jitsu Knoxville Tn, Guiltless Desserts

Guiltless Desserts

June 10, 2014


One of the greatest GB representatives in the world, Professor Bruno Fernandes is one of those guys who is an example to everyone. One who everyone wants to listen to and follow. With a Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle, this 3rd degree Black Belt is always looking for a healthy and balanced diet.

Bruno-F-Fernandes-fullportraitBruno Fernandes, Chief Instructor from Gracie Barra Montreal, is the regional collaborator from GB in East Canada; PhD, Assistant Professor in one of the most respected medicine schools in Canada (McGill University), speaks four languages and, after all, makes time to travel around the word to surf and participate in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

As an athlete, he has already won 4 world championships, 1 Pan-American, 1 Brazilian tournament, among others. With a hectic, but very well done routine, Bruno does know that eating well means health; eating well is Jiu-Jitsu. Today we will share one of Bruno’s recommended desserts, which is really mouth-watering. And the best part? You can eat it without feeling any guilt.

Coconut Flan

Guiltless dessert. 100% vegan, no gluten or dairy.

The coconut milk is a very important source of good fat which, besides providing energy to athletes, helps in weight loss.

The Agar-Agar is a good alternative (made of algae) to the regular gelatin.

Look for a Coconut Milk without artificial preservatives, stabilizers or thickeners.

The syrup uses sugar. Thus, for those who are looking for a light version, exclude the syrup and make only the flan, explained Professor Fernandes.

1. Syrup:

5 Tbsp of Brown Sugar

4 Tbsp of Water

1/2 tsp of Natural Vanilla Extract/Essence

A pinch of salt

Cook all the ingredients on medium heat until they melt. When it is ready, pour the syrup in the pudding pan, covering all its internal surfaces, including the borders. Put aside 1 tbsp of syrup for using later in the flan.


unnamed-79320ml of coconut milk

160ml of water

3/4 tsp of Agar-Agar Powder

2 Tbsp of grated coconut (optional)

1 Tbsp of the syrup (previously reserved)

1 tsp of Natural Vanilla Extract/Essence

Some lemon juice drops

Cook everything under medium heat until it starts to boil. Pour it on the pudding pan previously coated with the syrup. Take to the fridge for at least 2 hours, until it gets firmer.

3. When it is time to serve, flip to pan on an appropriated plate.

Instead of using a big plate, try to use individual ones, for a more elegant presentation. 😉

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This article has only an informative purpose and has no intention to replace a professional guidance. The use of vitamins and supplements can offer you great results, but before using any product, we strongly recommend you to visit a Nutritionist, Doctor or another specialist for an analysis and follow-up.

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