Jiu Jitsu Knoxville Tn, BJJ Lifestyle: BJJ for the Busy-Body

BJJ Lifestyle: BJJ for the Busy-Body

July 1, 2014

There are about 24 hours in a day. Yes. We all know that. But for the busy, 24 hours in a day may not be enough to keep up with their lifestyle. I am talking about those who spend more than ten hours in the office, full-time moms, or those who seem to have bitten off more than they could chew in regards to their careers. For those thinking of looking for a way to get into BJJ, squeeze a little time to it, then read on.


Living the modern life is all about managing time. In those 24 hours, you can do a lot and still have time to do BJJ. Here are some tips and suggestions that you can try out in case you feel that you are leaving BJJ out of your routine. Find the time for BJJ, invest in it, and make your journey worthwhile without missing it all.

Find a Dojo close to you

GB SchoolThis is something practical and makes the most sense. Joining a gym less than ten minutes from home, or a five minute walk from the office can help you save precious time. Learning BJJ need not be a journey to the next mountain passing four rivers etc.

Family Time can be BJJ Time

The family that trains together, stays together. Getting your kids to join you in BJJ is a good way of spending quality time. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your kids enjoy rolling on the mats with you. Get your dad or your mom to come with you in your classes. Help them get into BJJ as well.

Learn BJJ Off the Mats

There are hundreds of BJJ articles, videos,and tutorials available for you to learn from on the internet. If you’re running a bit too busy to get into the gym, you may get into Gracie Barra’s YouTube channel and learn from the masters themselves while on the go.

Get the Gym’s Schedule

Classes are offered in varying schedules weekly. So getting to know when the classes for the beginners to the intermediate are done can save you a lot of time. It can also help you squeeze class time into your tight schedule.

Flavio Almeida teaching Jiu-Jitsu at GB Dana Point

Training BJJ part time is not bad. However, it depends on how you train. When you get in the gym, are you excited to start rolling, or are you a passive student who just wants to get the entire class done? Your learning experience and journey will depend on how you see BJJ. Deciding to have a full time attitude while doing part time training can spell the difference between moving up the ranks of BJJ, or simply becoming stagnant.

Special Private Lessons Anyone?

Professors in most Gracie Barra gyms offer private lessons. For those who can’t seem to find the time to squeeze in gym time, you may want to look at signing up for private lessons. This way, you will be able to get one-on-one time for BJJ instruction, plus you get to train at a time when it is most convenient for you and your professor.

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