Jiu Jitsu Knoxville Tn, BJJ Techniques for Rookies that Never Go Out of Style

BJJ Techniques for Rookies that Never Go Out of Style

September 25, 2014

In an ever-evolving sport such as BJJ, there is no doubt that there will be tons of techniques that come out and get the new BJJ enthusiast confused. Let’s all admit it, more and more techniques come out every day and it is getting harder to keep track of what can work, and what doesn’t. However, it is not a question of what really works, but a question of what works for YOU! The most important part of your training is your own growth! Here are some BJJ moves that never go out of style.


1. The Rear Naked Choke

When getting your hooks in is as as fun as the day you learned how to ride that toy wooden horse, the RNC is a bread and butter move that never ever goes out of style. The simplicity of this submission can skyrocket your training to new heights. It’s pretty simple to master. The dominant position of taking your opponent’s back, sink in your hooks, do some hand fighting and voila! Sink it in. This submission is moderately easy to pull off. Securing the hooks can be easy. It’s brilliant simplicity at its best!

2. Sidemount Anyone?

This is an intermediate position. However, it is not too advanced for our rookies out there! The great thing about the side mount (or in particular this mount!) is that there are numerous submissions and holds to choose from. This of it as your crossroad technique. If you are after points, you may initiate to a full mounted position! The sidemount opens up posibilities for the kimura, and an arm triangle. Be wary, mounted opponents would quickly respond with a shrimping push out of it! Tread lightly.

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3. The Double Armbar

If you are the type who likes to play guard (one of the most challenging positions to be in), if would be best to have some basic tricks up your sleeve. This is the double armbar. Pretty simple technique to pull off. The requirement is to control both of the arms of your opponent, raising your legs towards the shoulders, locking it and squeezing it all in.

4. Basic Hip Throw

Nothing can be more basic that the Basic Hip Throw. No pun intended there. Known as the O-Goshi. Yes. Guaranteed to have your opponents sayoh gosh, this throw is derivative (as many claim) from Judo. Koshi Zawas or hip throws are the bread and butter of BJJ newbies. But the effective technique need not be taken lightly. A good ship, leverage, and the right momentum. As a newbie, you can nail this technique.

5. Kimura from the Guard

Having enjoyed whitebelt tourneys, this is one of the most common submissions to go around. Very basic and and very effective! The technique simply employs right timing and speed. Kimuras requires the right opening and misdirection.

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